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Is lighting the next phase of grading your workplace?

How light impacts employees is a loaded question since much of the information is survey feedback. But lighting specifiers and customers nonetheless are turning an eye toward a holistic workspace design for employees.

We often receive lighting case studies that are very interesting, but we just don’t have the resources to do a full write-up on each one, so you’ll find many of them in the Company Newsfeed section of our website. Recently, Hubbell Control Solutions announced a project in which it supplied tunable solid-state lighting (SSL)

luminaires and controls to the new Washington, DC-based office of Michael Best Law Firm. With a new space to start fresh, the customer decided to evaluate its employee “wish list” and consult with lighting experts to find an optimal illumination scheme for users. You can read the full Hubbell Control Solutions case study as it was posted in the Newsfeed.

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